• Pflugerville ISD Grievance Process

  • Informal Complaint Process

    The Board encourages employees, parents, and community members to discuss their concerns and complaints through informal conferences with the appropriate teacher, principal or appropriate administrator. Concerns should be expressed as soon as possible to allow early resolution at the lowest possible administrative level. Informal resolution is encouraged but does not extend any deadlines in the formal grievance policies. FNG (Local) Steps 1 - 2 detail the informal process.

    Step 1: Directly Contact Appropriate Campus Staff or Department

    The most direct route to resolving any campus or department concern is for employees/parents/guardians to first conference directly with the involved party (employee, teacher, coach, sponsor, admin.).  

    The majority of concerns will be resolved directly via a face-to-face meeting or email. A request can also be made to conference with an administrator at this level by either party. If the concern is not satisfied or if there is no communication at this level, move to Step 2. 

    Step 2: Contact Campus Principal or Department Director

    Campus principals/ department directors are the next step to hear an informal complaint that a parent/guardian/student/employee feels has not been satisfactorily addressed.  

    Campus administrators are responsible for the school's operations. Concerns regarding operations begin with the campus principal or assistant principal.

    Example: Athletic concerns for HS Athletes that are unresolved by direct conference with the coach, would proceed to the Campus Principal and Athletic Director 

    If you would like to initiate the process to begin an informal complaint process, fill out the intake for students/parents or employees.. Your complaint will be routed to the appropriate department and or campus. 

    If the concern is not satisfied or no response at this level, move to the Formal Complaint Process.

    Formal Complaint Process

    To move forward with a formal grievance please contact us by using either phone number listed: for students/parents please contact the Office of Student Affairs at (512) 594-0046. To move forward with a formal grievance for employees please contact the Human Resources Office at (512) 594-0015. Once we have received the submission, your concern will be forwarded to the most appropriate staff. 

    Please understand that we may still request you to attempt to resolve matters informally at the lowest-level, as this is a requirement under Board Policy FNG and DGBA

    Next Steps:

    If you have gone through the previous informal steps of problem solving and have not met a satisfactory resolution, you may then move to the formal grievance process detailed in Board Policy FNG LEGAL/FNG LOCAL (student/parent), and  DGBA LEGAL/DGBA LOCAL/(employee) summarized below.  Though informal resolution is the preferred path to resolution, you may file a formal complaint at any point in steps 1 - 2 above.  Beginning the formal process within 15 days of the incident satisfies the timeliness of the complaint as described in Level 1 below. 



  • Contact Us

    For questions or more information about the grievance process, please contact the appropriate department:

    PfISD Student Affairs (Student/Parent)
    Phone: 512-594-0046
    Student and Parent Grievance: FNG (LOCAL) 

    PfISD Human Resources (Employee)
    Phone: 512-594-0015
    Employee Grievance: DGBA (LOCAL)

    PfISD Board of Trustees (Community)
    Phone: 512-594-0012
    Board of Trustees Website
    Public Grievance: GF (Local)

    Community Member Complaints
    If you are a Community Member, not a current employee, not a current student or parent/guardian of a current student, please call any of the following:

    • Shari Thorn, Executive Assistant to the Board Of Trustees: 512-594-0012
    • Maize Hamilton, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent: 512-594-0010