• Ms. Vernagene Mott ~ President

    Mott Ms. Vernagene Mott was elected to the Pflugerville Board of Trustees in 2004.

    Born and raised in Pflugerville, Ms. Mott is a proud graduate of Pflugerville High School, where she earned the distinction of class valedictorian. She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree with honors in math from The University of Texas, and was a math and science teacher for 35 years.

    You could say that being a member of the Pflugerville school board runs in Ms. Mott’s family – her father, grandfather and father-in-law all served on the PfISD Board of Trustees.
    With strong family ties to Pflugerville (her husband and all three of her children are also PHS graduates) Ms. Mott possesses a unique connection to Pflugerville’s past, as well as its future.
    Ms. Mott believes the public education system must move forward and find avenues to effectively prepare our students to reach their potential. Although serving as a school board trustee requires a considerable commitment of time to attend campus and district events, prepare for and attend board meetings and workshops, and listen to the concerns of parents, teachers and taxpayers, Ms. Mott believes that being a board member is a worthwhile endeavor.

    “I encourage all citizens, especially business leaders, parents and retirees, to become involved on our campuses and in our district,” Ms. Mott said. “When we hold hands, sharing resources and talents, we can strengthen our schools, our community, our state and our nation.”