• Frequently Asked Questions

    The purchasing department receives many questions related to our use of vendors. Several of the most common questions include:

    How do I know if a vendor is an approved vendor?

    Answer: The Purchasing Department currently maintains a list of bid approved vendors that can be found in the District Shared Drive !PISD Public/Finance/Purchasing folder.  For access you must be logged in through a District computer.

    How do I get a vendor added to the approved list?

    Answer: First, have the vendor fill out a vendor list application. For a copy of the application, and to see the entire approval process, go to "Information for Vendors" page and see the paragraph below for detailed information.

    What is the difference between an "approved" and a "bid approved" vendor?

    Answer: An approved vendor has met the minimum requirements necessary under applicable purchasing laws. Successful completion of the bid process, sole source status, a professional services exemption, DIR, and other purchasing cooperatives are among the many potential avenues that vendors may use to become an approved vendor for PfISD. A bid approved vendor is an approved vendor that has completed the bid process specifically for PfISD. These vendors have met all legal requirements AND have been approved by the PfISD Board of Trustees. Bid approved vendors must be used whenever possible. If a bid approved vendor does not exist, for the good or service you require, use of any other approved vendor is acceptable. If no approved source exists for the good or service you require, a non-approved source may be used. However, all non- approved purchases exceeding $3500 must be accompanied by a minimum of three quotes. Purchases that do not meet these requirements may be delayed or returned for additional information.