• The Japanese Cat Club

    Sponsor:  Mrs. Garcia

    Club meets:  Wednesdays from 3:45 - 4:30 p.m.

    The point of this club is to learn different things about the Japanese/Asian culture.  We'll get to try different snacks and drinks.  We'll also learn facts about cats and their lives.  Please join if any of this interests you.

    Club Activities:

    • Learn Japanese (optional)

    • Learn to write Kanji (optional)

    • Watch anime

    • Try Japanese food, snacks and drinks

    • Learn fun facts about cats

    • Read Manga

    • Learn interesting facts about the Japanese culture

    Snacks Included:  (please feel free to bring Japanese/Asian snacks to share)

    • Green tea

    • Sushi

    • Cakes

    • Ramune "marble soda"

    • Ramen

    • Dumplings

    • Egg rolls

    • Pocky

    • Anything Asian