P-TECH Business Partners

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    What are the benefits of my company’s participation with Pflugerville ISD P-TECH?

    P-TECH offers an effective and appropriate vehicle for employers to help build and retain their future workforce. The school design, drawn from research-based effective practices, offers a rigorous academic curriculum, targeted technical training, comprehensive work-based learning, and individualized support services and pathways for students. While focusing on each student’s pathway to success, the model also creates a robust talent pipeline to support local economic development and growth and community support of public schools. By participating earlier with our school and students, businesses can help grow their own pipeline. PfISD has partnered with Austin Community College where students will be able to complete their Associates degree in Computer Programming and C++ certification while in high school. In addition to the collegiate partnership, we are looking for business partners that are willing to work with our students in any of the following capacities:

    • Mentorships- The student is matched one-on-one or in small groups with an adult professional. The Career Mentor serves as a resource for the student by sharing insights and providing guidance about the workplace, careers, and education through formal and informal meetings.
    • Project-based Learning– a career preparation activity where small groups of students (4-6 per team) are engaged in solving a problem or a challenge issued by a partner business in consultation with P-TECH faculty.
    • Workplace Tour – a career awareness activity in which small groups of students visit a workplace, learn about the business, meet employees, ask questions, and observe work in progress.
    • Other Opportunities for Involvement- Classroom speakers, Job shadowing, Internships

    For more information, please contact Jackie Yekpabo, PTECH Coordinator, at (512) 594-0114.