• Ms. Jean Mayer ~ Vice President
    Jean Mayer Jean Mayer was elected to the Pflugerville Board of Trustees in 2020.
    Jean is currently a full-time advocate, serving as family faculty at Texas Parent-to-Parent in their medical training program. Additionally, she is a member of the Visionary Committee for Mom’s Who Lead with Love, collaborating with the team to create educational programming promoting racial equity in education. Jean mentors special needs families and families of domestic abuse with trauma recovery, support, and healing.

    Originally from Baltimore, MD, Jean and her family relocated to Texas in 2015. Prior to having their own two children, Jean and her husband, Brad, shared guardianship of her two adolescent nieces. The combination of their parenting experiences further amplified Jean’s plight to fight for equal educational opportunities.

    With over 20+ years of experience in the Hospitality Industry, Jean has honed her skills in operations, leadership, service, development, general contracting, event management & production, nutrition, menu development, networking, award-winning creative design, fundraising, and philanthropy. She served on several local boards, provided relief efforts to the homeless, and volunteered with at-risk youth.

    On the heels of her son’s autism diagnosis, Jean pivoted away from her hospitality business into alternative social e-commerce business platforms. The career change reallocated time toward her son’s needs and the advocacy of others. Through her personal advocacy experience, Jean is devoted to being a trusted ally for every child and their unique needs.

    As she serves on the Board of Trustees, Jean will champion equitable and inclusive education for every child in Pflugerville.