In-Person Learners by Campus

  • As we are all aware, social distancing is key in controlling the spread of COVID-19. With the start of our second semester, we have seen an influx of in-person learners on many of our campuses. Our district now has 49% of students learning in-person, with many campuses over 50% and 60%. As more students report for in-person learning, the ability to social distance becomes more difficult.

    We are sharing the below percentages in an effort to ensure our parents to have the necessary information to make the best choice for their families regarding in-person learning versus virtual learning for their students. While parents may only change their virtual learners to in-person learners at a change in grading periods, they may pull their students into virtual learning at any time. Below is a list of our campuses with the current percentage of in-person learners.

    In Person Learners percentages

    * This data will be updated in time for parents to make an educated decision prior to the next grading cycle.