Small Moves


    Small Moves for Big Differences

    Due to the current pandemic, prekindergarten enrollment numbers are down 60-70% in the Central Texas area. Pflugerville ISD has also seen a decline in the number of students enrolled in prekindergarten. 

    Studies have shown that pre-kindergarten successfully prepares students for success in elementary, and supports in filling the gap of our most needy students. 

    There is a direct correlation between the Pre-K Guidelines and the TEKS Foundational Skills in grades K-5. Exposing and explicitly teaching our Pre-K students essential skills like phonological awareness, print concepts, phonics, and morphology during their Pre-K year supports the development of their literacy skills in grades K-5.

    In an effort to reach prekindergarten students who are not currently enrolled in the district, and provide supports to help prepare them for kindergarten, PfISD has created the Small Moves program. The district will provide information and home learning activities and ideas to engage in while at home multiple times per year. 

    We have partnered with Avance, the Pflugerville Public Library and E3 Alliance to create and distribute these packets. Packets will also be added to the district website quarterly. 

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Small Moves Learning Packets