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Cele Science Teacher to Join Arctic Adventure

Feb. 25, 2019

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas – Cele Middle School teacher Terri Skinner will embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to the Arctic in June as a member of ClimateForce: Arctic 2019. Skinner is joining a team of 100 scientists, explorers, professionals and teachers from around the world on the 12-day trip that includes expeditions in Norway and the Arctic Circle to study sustainability and to learn how to use energy in more responsible ways.
ClimateForce: 2019 Skinner was selected by Pflugerville ISD and her participation is being funded by Windermere Utility Company, subsidiary of SouthWest Water Company and longtime sponsor of community programs in the district. A SouthWest Water Company employee and several representatives from the University of Texas at Austin will also participate.
Skinner has a master’s degree in environmental science and a bachelor’s degree in microbiology and has already begun brainstorming how this expedition will impact her personally and her students.
“For a middle school science teacher from Pflugerville to be able to study firsthand the effects of climate change in the Arctic is incredible,” Skinner said. “It’s the chance of a lifetime, and I’m excited to share this experience with my students.”
ClimateForce: Arctic 2019 is an ecotourism expedition led by Robert Swan, OBE, a leading environmentalist and world explorer. Swan was the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles. The expedition is offered by the New York City based adventure travel company, The Explorer’s Passage who has partnered with Swan on this initiative. Swan is the founder of the 2041 foundation, whose mission is to educate and promote the use of clean energy to protect the planet.
“Educating today’s youth about what’s happening in the Arctic and teaching them how to become better leaders is essential to real change. We’re thrilled to have teachers like Terri Skinner who are passionate about sustainability join our expedition,” Swan said.
The expedition will be housed on a ship, the National Geographic Explorer. During the expedition, the team members will explore islands and glaciers in the Arctic Circle and learn leadership skills and the best practices in sustainability.
“I want to thank SouthWest Water Company for giving me the opportunity to join this expedition and work alongside some of the leading scientists in climate change research,” Skinner said. “To see the firsthand effects of climate change on the Arctic and the animals that live there will be sobering.”
About SouthWest Water Company
SouthWest Water Company provides a broad range of operations, maintenance and management service, including water production, treatment and distribution; wastewater collection and treatment; customer service; and utility infrastructure construction management. The company owns regulated water and wastewater utilities and, under contract, also serves cities, utility districts and private companies. SouthWest Water offers high-quality, reliable service to approximately 500,000 people in six states. Additional information may be found on the company’s website:
About ClimateForce
Robert Swan founded the 2041 Foundation to ensure the preservation of Antarctica. The ClimateForce initiative was born out of 2041 as an initiative to train and develop sustainability champions and to help provide people with convenient solutions on the issue of our survival on earth. For the past 15 years, Robert Swan and his team have trained thousands of leaders from across the globe to support initiatives around sustainability. The mission, through the ClimateForce expeditions is to help team members with their sustainability solutions. This Arctic Expedition is an opportunity for participants to reconnect with nature, to understand that sustainability and development must go hand-in-hand for lasting impact and our survival on our only habitat -planet Earth. Additional information can be found at: