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Pflugerville ISD’s Girls of the Gridiron

Dec. 4, 2020 

A Texas native recently made history on Nov. 28 by becoming the first woman to play collegiate football in a Power Five conference, widely recognized as collegiate football’s top tier.
At Pflugerville ISD, we salute Sarah Fuller’s accomplishment, with an eye to the future. Five female student-athletes played middle school or high school football this year in PfISD, and they’re looking to take it to the next level in the years ahead.
Read some of their stories below. 


Ruthie Rodriguez
School: Weiss High School
Age: 17
Grade: 11th
Position(s) played: right guard
Favorite team(s): Texas Tech

Comments: This is my fifth year playing football.
I started playing in the seventh grade at Cele Middle School and now here at Weiss. I am on the JV team and will be on varsity next year.
During the last month of sixth grade, my friend and I made a bet to see who could last the longest playing. She ended up moving the following year but I ended up liking it so I stayed, and here I am five years later still playing!
My brother never really got into sports so I have no idea why I liked it so much, despite never watching it at home other than the occasional Sunday game.
I don't plan to play after high school. For me personally, it’s just a fun thing to do.

Sofia Farelas
School: Dessau Middle School
Age: 13
Grade: 8th
Position(s) played: cornerback
Favorite team(s): 49ers

Comments: This is my first year playing and trying football.
What got me into football was wanting to try a different sport. The feeling of getting pumped up when watching it just made me want to try it even more. Here at Dessau, I thankfully got the chance to try. It isn’t an easy sport to play but it definitely has had a great impact on me. I do plan to play in the future.
Jazmine Hernandez Perez
School: Dessau Middle School
Age: 13
Grade: 7th 
Position(s) played: Defensive and offensive line
Favorite team(s): Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys

Comments: This is my first year playing in a team.
To be honest, I am one of the first persons in my family to play football. What got me to play was, when I was little, I saw  the kids practice in high school and I said that I wanted to be like them. I just saw it to be fun for me. I was so happy when I saw people playing.
My plans are to play football in the NFL. It will be a dream come true, I would like to play with the Dallas Cowboys.
Hang Nguyen
School: Pflugerville Middle School
Age: 12
Grade: 7th
Position(s) played: Offensive tackle, middle linebacker, special teams
Favorite team(s): Texas Longhorns and Dallas Cowboys

Comments: This is my first year of tackle football.
Since second grade, boys have been asking me to play because they didn’t have enough players.
I don’t have brothers that play football, but I have boy cousins that played at Dessau Middle School.
Enthusiastically, I plan on playing football in the ‘pfuture’.