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Park Crest staff delivers to students for holiday

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Dec. 21, 2018 – Before students head home for winter break, teachers and staff at Park Crest Middle School had a surprise for them. Every student today received a personalized card from a teacher or staff member delivering a message of value and significance.

A teacher at Park Crest Middle School writes a note to one of her students. That’s 921 students told how special they are and what they add to the Park Crest experience every day.
“The big thing we do is capturing kids’ hearts and trying to build relationships and so we really wanted to find a way to end the semester as positively as we started,” Principal Zach Kleypas.
Kleypas came up with the idea and when he pitched it to his staff, everyone got on board immediately and began working on the logistics of writing and delivering 921 personalized notes to students.
With a hefty supply of candy, markers and colored pencils on hand during Wednesday’s staff meeting, cards were distributed and written. In less than two hours every student had a card ready for delivery on Thursday morning.
Park Crest math teacher Erin Whittaker said it was a moving idea to find a way to personally touch each student with a note of positivity and praise leading into the break. And it was no surprise to hear that all the teachers jumped at the opportunity to make a lasting impact on their students.
“It’s not surprising at all. This is what the teachers here do,” Whittaker said. “They’re all here for the kids and they believe in what we do. They believe in our job as teachers and they believe in the kids we’ve got.”Students at Park Crest Middle School receive personalized notes from teachers.
So, Thursday morning when the bell rang for the start of first period, Kleypas and his staff were at the ready to deliver their heartfelt messages to their unsuspecting students.
“I thought it was a great idea. That way everyone feels recognized and validated and important to us,” Whittaker said. “I want them to love being here. I want them to know they are valued and they are important to us.”

And with their personalized notes tucked in their backpacks, the students will leave for winter break knowing their teachers appreciate their hard work in the classroom and the inspiration they provide heading into the next semester.
All 921.