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Advanced and Accelerated Courses Propel Students Forward

PfISD offers Advanced and Accelerated courses classes in middle school and high school. Taking the most challenging courses based on student ability and strength in middle and high school prepares students for their next step after graduating. 

Middle School students can complete some of their high school credits while still in middle school, giving them more opportunities to pursue electives they are interested in when they reach high school.

Completing Advanced Academic courses has been shown to help students in these ways:

• Better prepared academically.
• More likely to specialize in more challenging majors.
• Likely to complete more college coursework in four years.
• Likely to perform significantly better in college than students who did not take AP courses.
• More likely to exercise leadership.
• More likely to graduate with a double major.
• Twice as likely to pursue an advanced study (Ph.D. Programs, medicine, and law).
• Stand out in the college admission process.

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