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Weiss Staff Honored as Employees of the Month

February 24, 2023

The staff at Weiss High School have been going above and beyond in their roles, but two individuals have stood out amongst the rest. Mrs. Ameka Hunt, the proud principal at Weiss High School, and Mr. Joe Cervantes, Executive Associate, have been named the February Professional and Support Employees of the Month, respectively.

Mrs. Hunt was selected as the February Professional Employee of the Month for her unwavering dedication to the school's core values. She is known for rolling up her sleeves and pitching in, no matter the task. Her leadership has set a high standard for campus culture and expectations, which she consistently strives to meet. Mrs. Hunt is also known for her welcoming and appreciative nature towards every staff member, ensuring that they feel valued and recognized. Her vision for Weiss High School is quickly becoming a reality, as she works tirelessly to make sure that the school is the best it can be. Her passion for the students and staff at Weiss High School is evident in everything she does, and she is truly deserving of this recognition.

Joe Cervantes was named the February Support Employee of the Month for his dedication and hard work in ensuring that Weiss High School runs smoothly. He is the "do it all" person, always ready to help remedy a situation or find someone who can. Despite high-stress situations, he loves his job and always has a positive attitude. Joe's pride in the students at Weiss High School is evident in the pictures he takes of the wonderful things happening and posting them on social media. His contributions to the school are invaluable, and the staff at Weiss High School is grateful to have him on their team.

The recognition of Mrs. Hunt and Joe Cervantes is well-deserved, and it is a testament to the exceptional staff at Weiss High School. Their dedication to the students and staff has not gone unnoticed, and they serve as an inspiration to others in the district.