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Students Compete at the State VASE Competition

Two students from Weiss High School received a Gold Medal at The Visual Art Scholastic Event (VASE).

This competition is a state-wide event unique to Texas, and has been run annually for over 30 years.

Out of the thousands of students who participated in the competition this year, only a select few were awarded a Gold Medal. Two of those students were Isabella Avila and Dominique Wilder, who both received medals for scoring a 4 at the state level.

Every February, the competition begins with regionals, where students submit their artwork and answer questions in writing about their work and process. Students are scored at a rank of 1-4, with 4 being the highest rank. Next, area judging takes place to determine who will advance to the state level. About 10% of artworks score 4 and advance in each region.

This year's state competition took place on Saturday, April 29th at San Marcos High School. Students' artwork is judged again at the state level, and students who score a 4 receive a medal and are eligible for the final state honor.

Congratulations to these two artists for receiving a Gold Medal at the State Competition!