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PfISD Students will Experience Eclipse First-hand

Pflugerville, TX - As the solar eclipse on April 8 approaches, Pflugerville Independent School District (PfISD) is gearing up for an extraordinary educational event. With the district located in the path of totality, students will have the unique opportunity to witness this rare phenomenon.

PfISD is promoting the safety and educational enrichment of its students during the eclipse. Every student will receive free eclipse glasses or viewers, thanks to the generous contributions from organizations including the American Astronomical Society, Buccee's, Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, and Eclipse for a Cause.

“It's all about making sure every student gets to join in,” says Laila Olivarez, Chief Academic and Innovation Officer. ”By allowing every student to participate and providing the equipment to do so safely, we're not just sparking curiosity, but also showing that everyone matters in our learning journey.”

A diverse range of lessons spanning various content areas has been curated by a team of teachers in collaboration with the science department. These lessons aim to prepare students for the eclipse, covering topics such as eclipse myths, building models of celestial bodies, and ensuring visually impaired students can experience the event using light-sound devices.

Before viewing the eclipse, all students will view an age-appropriate presentation on the eclipse with particular emphasis on eye safety during the event. Additionally, students will remain within PfISD fencing when outdoors, and families can opt-out if they choose not to allow their students outside during the eclipse.

Visit for details on eclipse day plans.