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PfISD Board approves Dr. Quintin Shepherd as new PfISD Superintendent

Dr. Quintin ShepherdThe Pflugerville ISD Board of Trustees approved Dr. Quintin Shepherd as the district’s new Superintendent at a special meeting on Monday, April 29 at 1:30 p.m.

“Dr. Shepherd brings with him a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to education,” Board President Renae Mitchell said. “His leadership will undoubtedly enrich our school district and positively impact the lives of our students. As we embark on this new chapter together, we encourage each of you to extend an inviting welcome to Dr. Shepherd and embrace the opportunity to collaborate with him.”

With nearly three decades dedicated to public education, Dr. Shepherd brings a depth of experience and knowledge to PfISD. Dr. Shepherd has served as Superintendent of Victoria ISD since July 2018, with previous leadership roles in Iowa and Illinois. Dr. Shepherd has outlined a 100-day entry plan which focusing on a listening and learning tour.

“I'm deeply honored to lead such a dynamic and diverse community, and I approach this journey with an open heart and a dedicated mindset,” Dr. Shepherd said. “My 100-day plan, "Discovering Pflugerville," is more than just a roadmap; it's a commitment to transparency, inclusivity, and forward momentum. Through this plan, I aim to immerse myself in the warmth and richness of the Pflugerville ISD Pfamily.

“The cornerstone of this initiative is a comprehensive listening and learning tour, where I'll have the pleasure of hearing directly from the voices that matter most: our students, parents, educators, staff, and community. Their insights will shape our immediate priorities and long-term strategy, ensuring that our path forward reflects the aspirations and challenges of our entire community.”

Dr. Shepherd received his Doctor of Philosophy in educational administration and foundations from Illinois State University. He serves on the National Superintendent’s Association Governing Board, representing Texas as one of three Superintendents. Dr. Shepherd is also a prolific writer, contributing countless articles on educational leadership and authoring two books that explore the transformational power of compassionate and innovative leadership in schools.

Before embarking on his 18-year journey as a Superintendent, Dr. Shepherd has enriched lives as a High School Principal, an Elementary Principal, and a PreK-12 music teacher. Dr. Shepherd is married to Sarah and the Shepherds have two adult daughters: Vivian and Gwendolyn.

“By embracing the diverse perspectives within our community, we'll craft practices and programs that truly resonate with everyone involved,” Dr. Shepherd said. “This inclusive approach is vital as it cultivates a sense of belonging and ownership in our district's future together. Together, hand in hand, we'll build a brighter future for Pflugerville ISD—one defined by unity, progress, and unwavering dedication to our students and community.”

Mrs. Mitchell said the Board encourages teachers, staff, parents and students to introduce themselves, offer support, share their insights and the district's rich history with Dr. Shepherd to help the district move forward.

“We have every confidence that Dr. Shepherd will lead our school district with integrity, compassion, and a steadfast commitment to excellence,” Mrs. Mitchell said. “Together, we will continue to make a positive difference in the lives of our students, parents, staff, and the community.”

Dr. Shepherd signed his employment contract immediately following the meeting with a start date of Tuesday, May 28.

Dr. Shepherd