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We are Family

August 9, 2019

Pflugerville ISD is starting off the 2019-20 school year with a new mantra, “We are Family.” All 3,000 district employees received a free t-shirt displaying the “We are Family” logo to create a sense of unity and family across the district.
The new theme logo features a solid trunk representing the district as a whole. The tree has four branches representing the district feeder patterns: cougar, panther, wolf and hawk. These branches are filled with colorful leaves containing the school acronyms for each one of our 33 campuses.
Although, PfISD continues to grow to accommodate new families and communities, our history and tradition remains strong. The district may have four separate high schools, but together, we are family.

As you post photos and videos of PfISD classrooms, students and events on social media this school year, please use the hashtag #pfamily so the community relations department can keep track of the great things happening in the PfISD family tree!