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Cubs appear on Today show

Sept. 24, 2020


Margaret Olivarez, pictured here with her daughter Once the summer break began, Margaret Olivarez began sending emails.
Olivarez – who in the past has led successful donation campaigns for backpacks, college-oriented shirts and school supplies – prepped to help out with her campus’ latest matter at hand: distance learning.
The Copperfield Elementary teacher, knowing that more than 70% of the campus student body is classified as economically disadvantaged, focused her attention on garnering technology that would come in handy if distance learning continued due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Once again, it didn’t take long for the business community to come through for the Copperfield Cubs. Within weeks, she had secured commitments from several large corporations, with operations across the country.
Months later, Copperfield, with approximately 600 students, is sitting atop a treasure trove of technology. Donations raised by Olivarez for the school include:

  • $15,000 donated from Progressive CEO personal account
  • $3,000 donated by EA Games 
  • $2,000 donated by Walmart
  • $2,000 donated by Chevron
  • $1,700 donated by Farmers Insurance
  • $6,893 donated by State Farm insurance (also donated backpacks and school supplies)
  • $1,300 from private donors
  • $500 donated by Humana
  • $500 donated by Penske
  • 22 Chromebooks donated by Lenovo 
  • 20 Fire tablets 8 donated by Amazon 
  • 20 Fire tablets 10 donated by GoFundMe 
  • 20 Chromebooks donated by Acer 
  • 25 Dell laptops from DHL
  • Five Dell laptops donated by Global Logic 
  • $1,000 from Charles Maund Toyota and KVUE
  • Dell donated 25 power cords needed for certain laptops