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PfISD approves 2% raise, $17 minimum wage

The Pflugerville ISD Board of Trustees approved salary increases for the 2024-2025 school year at the April 18, 2024 board meeting. In addition to a comprehensive 2% raise of the pay range midpoint for all employees, PfISD also increased the minimum hourly wage to $17 with placement scale adjustments for all PfISD employees.

The Board also approved an increase in stipends for special education teachers, market adjustments for nurses, bus drivers, and bus monitors, and increased the starting teacher salary to $57,700.

Salaries for the district’s roughly 3,000 employees make up 86% of its annual district budget, and the raises approved by the Board will drive the upcoming year’s budget. Despite the challenges posed by the skyrocketing cost of living and an anticipated $7 million budget deficit, PfISD is committed to prioritizing its staff members by striving to provide them with the maximum possible increase.

“Even with these challenges, our administration and our Board recognize our most valuable resource – our teachers and our staff,” Interim Superintendent Dr. Steve Flores said. “Pflugerville ISD is able to serve our 25,000+ students every single day, and we know that is only due to the hard work of our highly educated, certified, experienced, and dedicated staff members.”

Despite four additional special Legislative Sessions last year, public education continues to face financial challenges due to the Texas Legislature's inaction. Without changes to public education finance and combined with rising costs, PfISD and districts across Texas will continue to look for ways to do more with less.

To provide employee raises, district officials will continue to evaluate programs and processes to identify any cost savings for the district. 

“I hope our staff understands the budgetary stress the district faces and can appreciate the efforts to provide a raise that so many are deserving of this year,” Dr. Flores said. “We are fortunate to have a Board that is committed to our work and believes in the people who advance the vision, mission, and beliefs of the district forward. We are all in this together.”