Happy April Fool's Day - No Kidding

Posted by Heike Cook on 4/1/2022

Greetings Panthers,

Happy Friday!

Next week starts our first round of our very important STAAR testing. Our 9th graders will take English 1 on Tuesday and our 10th graders will take English 2 on Thursday. Additionally, we will have make ups on Wednesday and Friday. Our students and teachers have been working hard all year to prepare and I am confident that they are ready.

Parents, please encourage all of your students to get a good night's sleep the night before, take their time while testing, and do their best on every single question. These assessments matter for graduation!

Due to testing, we will NOT have ACE on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday next week. We will have ACE on Monday.


Parents and students, I need your help. We have noticed a trend of students wanting to wear beanies (hats you wear in the winter) that double as a winter ski mask (two holes for the eyes and one for the mouth). As with all trends and fads, these have become very popular. Since hats are allowed, we allow these to be worn ONLY as a beanie, meaning it can cover the top of your head. However, we are noticing more and more students occasionally pulling them down to cover their entire face.

As you can imagine, that creates a safety concern and does not follow district dress code guidelines. Please be aware that PHS admin will confiscate masks moving forward if they are worn inappropriately. Thanks for your help and understanding.


Speaking of masks, but this time the kind you wear to cover your mouth and nose, I wanted to make you aware that our supply that we provide to students is starting to dwindle. Since masks are still encouraged, but not required, we ask that students please continue to bring their own mask from home. We will provide free masks as we can, but please know we will eventually run out of our supply. It is best to bring one from home.

REMINDER Family Survey:

Dear Families,

Please help us with a brief survey so we can better meet our students’ and families’ needs.


Thank you for your feedback!

Click here for survey

Or you can use the QR code in the image below:


A Word from Our School Nurse

Just a friendly reminder: Moving forward, in order for a student to access our COVID-19 testing, they will need to be pre-registered in the CrisisGo app.  The link is in the district email you should have received on March 27th.

Donna Bartko, BSN, RN

A Word from the College & Career Advisor:

I hope you are having a wonderful week. As we get further into the Spring Semester, I wanted to provide an update from the College & Career Center at Pflugerville High School. Please find important updates below, and if you have any questions…please do not hesitate to reach out.


College Application Night – Pflugerville High School will host the annual College Application Presentation on April 26, 2022 from 6:30 – 8:00pm. We encourage all PHS families attend as there have been quite a few updates to the application process for next year. We will be discussing all aspects of the College Application Process (Tips & Tricks, Deadlines, Automatic Admission, Essays, Resumes, Letters of Recommendation, etc.). Please Register to attend: https://forms.gle/GD8KE1Y26fRaidCF6. Event is open to all PHS families

Summer Events – Mr. Howell is a year-round employee and available in the summer to help your family with any questions regarding College Enrollment, Military Enlistment, or Career Opportunities. As such, we will be available for individual meeting and host multiple events throughout the summer. The events will include TSI Testing, College Application Boot Camps, and a Military Representative Fair. More information about these opportunities will come out later this school year.

SAT Scores – If you have not already done so, please log into your (the student’s) College Board account to view the SAT Scores from the March 2nd, 2022 test. I do encourage (not mandatory) that your student sign up to take at least one more SAT. You may do so within the College Board account. If you student is on Free or Reduced Lunch (or the cost of the test causes undue financial stress), please email or visit A-109 to receive a waiver to test. SAT Test Dates can be viewed here. Unfortunately, we will not be able to host another opportunity during the school day before your student graduates.

ACT Testing – If you feel that the ACT may be better for your family, please have your student visit this website to sign up for the ACT. We are able to waive the fee to test for families on Free or Reduced Lunch (or if the cost of the test causes your family undue financial stress). To learn more about the differences between the SAT and ACT, visit this website.

Potential Scams  - As your student grows closer to their senior year, you will begin to receive information from different companies encouraging your family to attend a presentation, pay to join an Honors Organization, or pay someone to help you with the financial aid or scholarship process. I strongly encourage you to speak with a member of the College and Career Center Team before attending one of these presentations, joining the organization, or paying for services. Even if the advertisement comes from PFISD.

Good Evening Class of 2022 from Nick Howell:

First and Foremost, I wanted to send a quick note to let each and every one of you know how proud I am of you. You have worked hard to build a future after Pflugerville High School! Please remember that I will always be here for you after HS Graduation should you need anything.

Senior Poster

If you are interested in receiving a senior poster at the end of the year, please make sure to fill out this Google Form. The senior posters are available regardless of your path after high school (College/Career/Trade School/Military) and you do not need to know exactly what your plan is yet to complete this form. We will be displaying these posters in PHS and giving you a copy during Diploma Pick Up. If you would like to see what they look like, you will see them posted in many hallways around the school.

Once you complete the form, Mr. Howell will email you within the month of April with a date and time for your picture. Your picture will be taken at school and we encourage you to wear clothing the depicts your next plan.

We highly encourage each member of the Class of 2022 to participate in this PHS Tradition.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly at Nicholas.Howell@pfisd.net 

A Word from our English Department

We can’t believe STAAR season is upon us! Next week, students will take the English I STAAR test on Tuesday, April 5th and the English II STAAR test on Thursday, April 7th. We are so proud of all of the work students have put into preparing for the test. We know they will do a great job! Please reach out to your student’s English teacher with any questions.

Rebecca Cohen, English Department Chair

HOSA Community Service Project - Food Drive:

Brianna Ornelas, president of HOSA, would like YOUR help with the PHS HOSA Circle of Hope food drive. Any donations can be brought to rooms E108, E112, or D201. 


Congratulations to our UIL Academics Participants:

Pflugerville High School competed on Friday, March 25 and Saturday, March 26 in the District UIL Academic Competition.  The school earned District Runner Up for District 18 as well as numerous individual and team medals. We are SUPER proud of our students and hope you will help congratulate each of our participants and these medal winners:


  • 4th place: Favour Onafeso



  • 6th place: Lambert Ike

   Team – 2nd Place

  • Lambert Ike
  • Romanus Ike
  • Favour Onafeso

Computer Applications

  • 3rd Place:  Lambert Ike
  • 4th Place: Sabastian Hamilton
  • 6th Place: Favour Onafeso

Copy Editing

  • 1st Place: Paul Gonzales
  • 6th Place:  Rachel Calabuig

Current Issues & Events


  • 1st Place: Kenneth Kalu
  • 4th Place: Nicolas Mills

   Team – 2nd Place

  • Kenneth Kalu
  • Nicolas Mills
  • Clarke Simmons
  • Honour Onafeso

Feature Writing

  • 4th Place: Rachel Calabuig

Informative Speaking

  • 4th Place: Rebecca Mejia



  • 2nd Place: William Brooks
  • 3rd Place: Paul Gonzales
  • 5th Place: Minh Le
  • 6th Place: Romanus Ike

   Team – 1st Place

  • William Brooks
  • Paul Gonzales
  • Minh Le
  • Romanus Ike

News Writing

  • 6th Place: Rachel Calabuig

Number Sense


  • 1st Place: William Brooks
  • 6th Place: Judith Odu

  Team – 2nd Place

  • William Brooks
  • Judith Odu
  • Paul Gonzales
  • Minh Le

Persuasive Speaking

  • 4th Place:  Emerson Sturges
  • 5th Place:  Derek Beck
  • 6th Place:  Esai Salazar

Poetry Interpretation

  • 3rd Place:  Angelina Cao

Prose Interpretation

  • 4th Place: Talia Cole



  • 2nd Place:  Sabastian Hamilton

  Top Scorers

  • Top Chemistry: Sabastian Hamilton

  Team – 2nd Place

  • Sabastian Hamilton
  • Romanus Ike
  • Lambert Ike
  • Honour Onafeso

Social Studies


  • 1st Place:  Kenneth Kalu
  • 5th Place:  Clarke Simmons
  • 6th Place:  Nicolas Mills

   Team – 1st Place

  • Kenneth Kalu
  • Clarke Simmons
  • Nicolas Mills

Speech Team – 2nd Place

Spelling & Vocabulary


  • 1st Place:  Judith Odu
  • 2nd Place: Maia Savich
  • 3rd Place:  Arianne Icaro

   Team – 1st Place

  • Judith Odu
  • Maia Savich
  • Arianne Icaro
  • Sudristi Basnet

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  • 3rd Place:  Rebecca Mejia
  • 5th Place:  Luke Gollub


Congratulations to PHS Golf Athletes: 

Our boys played well today even though conditions were very windy. Marshall Prout qualified for the Regional Tournament, finishing in 5th place overall, and was named to the First Team All-District!

Eva Gallegos finished in 7th place overall in district and will advance as one of the regional qualifiers. In addition, she was also named to the 1st Team All District!

Attention Seniors:

We are excited to announce that graduation invitations and announcements have arrived!  Items will be distributed on Wednesday, April 6th in the cafeteria during all three lunches!  Seniors, please be sure to stop by to pick up your items!


Most sincerely,


Zack Kleypas
Pflugerville High School

“Keep improving, always, in all ways.”