Happy Earth Day

Posted by Heike Cook on 4/22/2022

Greetings Panthers,

Happy Friday!

I am not sure if I am getting sappy because we are so close to prom, graduation, and the end of the school year, but I find myself SO PROUD and in awe of the work being done at PHS! 

See, education, especially at the high school level, is much more than just the content of a math class, or the books we read in English, the experiments in science, or the maps we learn in social studies… but rather it is about the opportunities we provide to kids through the things they learn and the experiences they have. 

Let me brag about my team for some of the experiences they have recently created:

First, our seniors, who are ready to join the workforce, met with folks from the trades academy today in the PHS library. We had folks representing welders, electricians, plumbers, metal workers, and construction managers. Our students interested in one of these career paths are eligible upon graduation and due to the incredible demand for workers in these fields, get paid great wages and are provided FREE training. Talk about opportunities! Special thanks to Ms. Hendrickson, our amazing At-Risk Facilitator!

Our Automotive program is adding the dual credit component to its upper level courses for our seniors next year. That means students in their 4th year of the program will earn credentials upon graduation and be ready to jump right into the workforce. Special thanks to Mr. Sandt and Mr. Smith, our amazing automotive teacher!

Next week, our district Career & Technical Education (CTE) and Human Resources (HR) department are collaborating to meet with our seniors in our Practicum of Education class about instant opportunities to work upon graduation as an education aide or auxiliary position. Additionally, they will provide information for those going straight off to college on how to prepare to return to PHS to be a teacher one day! Special thanks to Ms. Kokes, our amazing Practicum in Education teacher!

Finally, our college-bound seniors have officially broken the record (in April, I might add) for the highest amount of scholarships earned at PHS…. How much you ask…? Over $20 MILLION!!! Let me repeat, most in the history of PHS! Talk about seniors bouncing back from COVID! Special thanks to Mr. Howell, our amazing College & Career Advisor!

This next opportunity for PHS kids is opening up space for new participants…

Code 2 College Summer Opportunities:

Code 2 College has a partnership with PHS that allows our students FREE access to their great learning opportunities. We ran groups in the fall and spring and are now opening participation back up for the summer. Please take a moment to check out the information in the links below:


Attention Juniors and Seniors:

PHS has set up a partnership to offer students a potential paid summer internship with the opportunity to earn industry certification.

Scan the QR code below or click this link if you are interested. See Mr. Howell for more information.

4-22-22 pic 1.png

A Word from our Counseling Department:

AP Exam testing is just around the corner. With all students on campus again, testing is looking more like it has in the past. Please keep the following things in mind:

  • AP Exam Schedule: https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/exam-administration-ordering-scores/exam-dates
  • Exams can still be dropped/cancelled up through the end of April. There is a $40 cancellation fee per exam. If a student paid full price of $86, they would be refunded $46 after the cancellation fee was deducted. If a student paid the reduced lunch price of $15 per exam, they would owe $25 for cancelling their test.
  • If a student does not cancel their exam and does not show up for their exam, they will be charged the $40 cancellation fee.
  • There will be NO REFUNDS for exams starting May 1st.
  • Exam doors will shut at 8 AM and 12 Noon, if a student is not in the testing room when doors close, they will not be allowed to test. There are no make-up exams.
  • Students should report to testing with 2 #2 pencils and 2 black or blue pens. Snacks are allowed, but must be in a sealed container.
  • If you have questions or want to cancel an exam, please contact one of our AP Coordinators:

Sarah Cable, PHS Lead Counselor

Congratulations to our 22-23 PALS Students:

The PALS program has been a part of PfISD for many years, however,  it had not been offered at PHS recently. Well, I am excited to announce our new classes of PALS starting next year!  The PALS program is a group of the best and brightest students who apply to serve in this program which visits local feeder schools (primarily Middle schools) and supports younger students through mentoring, friendship, and fitting in. As a former middle school principal, I can tell you first-hand the value of this program and the impact it has on younger students. 

Please help me congratulate the group of students below and their amazing teacher Ms. Kokes who will be leading the program.


Congratulations to our Track Stars!

The Girls Track & Field Team competed at the Area Meet Championship, yesterday at Burger Stadium. Congratulations to

  • Ava Roberts - 1st place in the shot put
  • Zion Moffett - 1st place in the 300m hurdles and 4th in the 100m hurdles
  • Lauryn Jackson - 2nd place in the shot put and discus
  • Sidra Ogunrinade - 2nd place in the 100m and 3rd in the long jump
  • Imunique S., Sidra O., Samaia R, and Andrea S - 3rd place in the 800m relay.

Best wishes to these ladies as they advance to compete at the Regional Championships next week in Humble.

From the Desk of the Parent Liaison:


Socks are the #1 clothing need of those experiencing homelessness. The Sock It To Em! Sock Campaign by the Black Student Union at Pflugerville High School aims to put new socks on the feet of men, women and children experiencing homelessness and/or are in need.

People ask, “WHY SOCKS?” And our answer is: Socks are something that most of us never have to think twice about. When you go to get dressed, you open your drawer and pull out your most comfy, your warmest, or your favorite-colored socks. But for those who don’t have a home, it often means walking on average up to 10 miles each and every day just to find basic necessities, and while wearing shoes that are not the correct size and with socks that are worn out, dirty, and stiff. There is nowhere to wash the socks, so after 2 to 3 days, the socks are worn through and must be thrown away.

It’s not pretty, but it is reality.

One of the main reasons someone who is homeless goes to the emergency room is because of a foot ailment and the best way to prevent that is to be able to wear clean dry socks on a regular basis. So, if we can offer a simple piece of clothing such as new, fresh socks, feet can be protected from getting cold, getting wet, and getting blisters or worse.

Our motto is, “We’re making a social impact one pair of socks at a time!”

Please place socks in the bright blue trash receptacle in the halls. Thank you again for helping the less fortunate individuals.

A Word from Technology

District-wide Keyboarding Challenge April 1-May 20  via CLEVER login

For more information, click here.

For the Keyboarding contest Signup form, click here.

A Word from the Librarian

Skyward Portal announcement regarding Chromebooks

In your Skyward portal, you will notice a request for information about your students’ return to PFISD for the next school year.  Part of this form will ask about Chromebooks.

You can choose to keep or return your Chromebook over the summer.  If you choose to hang on to your Chromebook over the summer, the form will ask for the barcode numbers. 

I realize many of these have rubbed off over the years.  Students can visit the library to scan their Chromebooks and get the numbers printed out for you. 

All Library Materials Due May 20.

The final due date for all library materials is May 20.  Students can check their library holdings and fines here.  


Most sincerely,

Zack Kleypas
Pflugerville ISD

“Keep improving, always, in all ways.”