District adjusts boundaries for 2019-20 school year


Jan. 18, 2019 

To ensure balanced enrollment at schools and prepare for the transition of both Delco Primary School and Dessau Elementary School into full Pre-K-5 elementary campuses, Pflugerville ISD has adjusted the attendance boundaries for the 2019-2020 school year. With the adjustment, roughly 250 students will be impacted from four campuses: Delco Primary School, Dessau Elementary School, Dessau Middle School and Weiss High School.

The district created a Boundary Committee comprised of staff and parents/community members to study the current boundaries and make a recommendation to the board to accommodate the expansion of Delco Primary and Dessau Elementary. In redrawing the boundaries for both schools, a small number of students were impacted at the middle school and high school level in order to provide a continuous feeder pattern. Additionally, all current fourth-, seventh-, and ninth- through 11th-graders will be grandfathered and allowed to remain at their current campus for the 2019-20 school year if they choose.

Last spring, PfISD’s Citizens Facilities Advisory Committee was called upon to look at the district’s facilities and determine if a bond election was needed for the district. During the study, the group discovered that while some areas of the district are growing at a rapid rate and require additional schools, some campuses had seen a decline in enrollment due to aging neighborhoods. The CFAC members recommended to the Board of Trustees that, along with a bond election, the district should also look at better utilizing existing facilities. 

“The expansion of Delco Primary and Dessau Elementary, and moving some students to the nearby Copperfield Elementary will better utilize our resources in the southeast portion of the district,” PfISD Communications Officer Tamra Spence said. “Additionally, it will eliminate an additional transition for our young students at Delco Primary and Dessau Elementary, and provide a continuous elementary school experience for those students.” 

The Boundary Committee developed the following guiding principles to utilize while reviewing the boundary options:

  • Transparent and Inclusive. We will share information and gather input from various stakeholders.
  • Building Capacity. Each school has a capacity, architectural capacity and functional capacity. We strive to utilize buildings to their architectural capacity while considering special programs.
  • Balance Demographic Diversity. We strive to ensure diversity within our schools.
  • Plan for Growth. We shall consider enrollment projections that are based on current enrollment trends provided by a variety of sources to include our demographer.
  • Maintain Neighborhoods. We will strive to keep neighborhoods together, so students who are neighbors can attend the same school.
  • Minimize Family Movement. We will strive to keep families in place when possible.
  • Transportation. We will consider road patterns and travel time for buses and parents.
  • Geographic Features. We will consider natural division points such as major traffic arteries, rivers/streams or other geographic features.

Three meetings were held in December and January for parents to provide information about the recommended boundary changes and allow parents to provide input. 

For more information and a copy of boundary maps, visit the district’s Boundary Alignment webpage: www.pfisd.net.