Pflugerville Elementary librarian honored by TLA

May 21, 2020

Pflugerville ISD students are reading, learning and discovering every day despite COVID-19, and for the second consecutive year a district librarian has been recognized by the Texas Library Association for their work. 

Pflugerville Elementary librarian Erica Leu recently received the Demco Upstart Innovation Programming Award from TLA. Last year, Murchison’s Jennifer Coleman won the award.

The Upstart Innovation Programming Award recognizes one school library and one other library each year to recognize creative marketing and/or promotions used to enhance their visibility within their communities.

TLA honored Leu for her marketing efforts titled “Bringing the Outside In,” which emphasized increasing awareness of different areas of interest brought into the library.

“A library is more than the books, the computers, the activities, the lessons and things that happen inside,” Leu says in her video campaign. “It’s actually a whole universe around you. … It’s the things that get us excited. The things we don’t even know about yet.”

When Leu was a teenager, she discovered the public library had DVDs of scary movies and it was an eye-opening experience that made her aware of all the library had to offer beyond school. She said winning the Upstart Award is exciting because the $1,000 scholarship that comes with it will enable to her to expand even further upon what she has already implemented at PES to excite the students about learning and discovery.

“There are amazing free opportunities and resources at all libraries that go beyond reading,” Leu said. “It’s not just about academic stuff! I want students to be comfortable and knowledgeable about this resource so they can be successful and utilize it in the future.

“This program has led to increased visibility for our library program and services, especially with the afterschool programs offered. More importantly, it has allowed students to interact in new ways with their peers and experience themselves in new ways in the library outside of book checkout.”

There may not be scary movies in the Pflugerville Elementary library for the Pfire Ants to get inspired by, but there is no doubt something for everyone to discover and spark an interest, thanks to the efforts being made by Leu in her library.