Scholarship created to support students who overcome adversity 

April 9, 2021

Pflugerville ISD and The Pflugerville Education Foundation are pleased to announce they are currently accepting applications for the Provan & Lockhart Scholarship, open to current PACE and Provan Opportunity students.

The Provan & Lockhart Scholarship is designed to be awarded to a single student based entirely on persevering through adversity.

“Scholarships often require a certain GPA or athletic ability, eliminating students who have had additional circumstances, such as parents who divorced, sick relatives, mistakes, or other outside factors,” said Michelle Provan, daughter of the famed Pflugerville attorney whom Provan Opportunity Center is named after. “These issues prevent the student from reaching a certain GPA or academic resume needed for most scholarships.”

“We are excited to bring a new scholarship that will award a student based on outstanding change during high school,” added Pflugerville Education Foundation Executive Director Tina "Marie" Felan.

“I wanted to create an opportunity for students who have stories similar to my own,” noted Ms. Provan. “Home lives can challenge a student on their journey to academic success. I know when I was in high school, handling my parent's divorce and my father dying, my efforts and triumphs did not showcase in the form of a high GPA. This scholarship gives a student the opportunity to be rewarded without the normal requirements – or what I believe to be barriers.”

The Provan & Lockhart Scholarship was named after Robert Provan and Lolly Lockhart. Robert Provan was a disabled attorney at law who practiced in Texas and is most noted for bringing the first lawsuit of its kind in the United States against an HMO on behalf of physicians using the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The Wall Street Journal said it was poised to become a major test case and whose rulings have been cited in other cases.

Lolly Lockhart, Ph.D., was a friend of Robert Provan who helped Michelle with his care when he suffered post-polio complications. When Michelle began to fall behind in high school, Lockhart reached out to her friend, Larry Bradley, then principal of Pflugerville High School and a former Pflugerville ISD board member.

Bradley helped place Ms. Provan in PACE, a full-time high school diploma program for students at increased risk of dropping out. Ms. Provan was able to fly through her credits with the support of the PACE staff and completed two years’ worth of high school in a single year to graduate on time in 2005.  

"Michelle is an example of a young person who overcame major challenges to find her way. This effort to help other young people who experience overwhelming challenges and overcoming them is a compassionate response! I am eager to contribute to the Provan & Lockhart Scholarship," Lolly Lockhart stated.  

Today, Michelle Provan has a master’s degree, works as a marketing and communications director, and has her own thriving photography business.

"I know how challenging life can be. I wanted to pave an easier way for the next person. I am still in student loan debt, and I wish I had this opportunity then."  

Candidates for the Provan and Lockhart Scholarship will be nominated by a teacher, staff member, or friend and evaluated by a panel. 

For those interested in contributing to the fund, the scholarship is currently receiving donations at the link: