Principal's Blog 3-3-23

Posted by Zachary Kleypas on 3/3/2023

Greetings Panthers,

Happy Friday!

Upcoming Important Dates:

  • 3/06 Career Fair

  • 3/10 Pep Rally

  • 3/13-17 Spring Break

  • 3/20 Career Night

  • 4/07 Student/Staff Holiday/Bad Weather Day

  • 4/19 STAAR EOC - Eng I

  • 4/20 STAAR EOC - Eng II

  • 4/26 STAAR EOC - Bio

  • 4/27 STAAR EOC - US Hist

  • 4/27 College Night

  • 5/1 AP Testing - US Gov (am), Chemistry (pm), Span Lit (pm)

  • 5/2 AP Testing - Environmental Sci (am), Psychology (pm)

  • 5/3 AP Testing - Eng Lit (am) Comp Science A (pm)

  • 5/4 AP Testing - Human Geo (am), Macro Eco (am), Statistics (pm) AP Seminar (pm)

  • 5/5 AP Testing - Euro Hist (am), US Hist (am), Art History (pm) Micro Eco (pm)

  • 5/8 AP Testing - Cal AB (am), Cal BC (am), Comp Sic Prin (pm)

  • 5/9 AP Testing - Eng Lan (am), Physics C: Mech (pm), Physis C:Elec ( 2pm)

  • 5/10 AP Testing - Span Lang (am), Bio (pm)

  • 5/11 AP Testing - French Lang (am), World Hist Mod (am), Physics 1: Alg (pm)

  • 5/11 STAAR EOC - Alg I

  • 5/12 AP Testing - Music Theory (am), Physics 2: Alg (pm)

  • 5/20 Senior Prom - Miami Night

  • 5/24 (seniors) 1st Graduation Practice

  • 5/25 (seniors) 2nd Graduation Practice

  • 5/25 Last Day of School (Early Release)

  • 5/31 Graduation at the Pfield

Friday, March 10th - Pep Rally

With basketball season ending and soccer closing out their season, it is time for our last pep rally of the school year!

On Friday, March 10th, 2023 we will have our last pep rally honoring boys and girls soccer, baseball, softball, and track.

Thus, we will be on our typical Pep Rally bell schedule.

PHS Student Survey:

Please take a brief moment to help us improve PHS by taking this survey: 

PfISD Student Survey - We Want EVERYONE’s Voice:

Please also take a moment to complete the climate survey to help make PHS even better!

  1. You will use your Student ID *without S” to access surveys at 

  2. You will select your preferred language from the drop-down menu

  3. You will click “Start Surveys” to begin

  4. You will complete the same survey three times, for 3 different teachers

  5. You must complete the surveys in a single sitting, as they do not auto-save

  6. At the completion of the surveys, you must hit the button to save and submit your answers

Once the submit button is clicked, you will see a thank you screen confirming your completion. 

IMPORTANT - Fentanyl Lessons & Opt Out Form

You may have heard that a nearby district, Hays ISD, has had multiple student deaths this year caused by Fentanyl. Although Hays is located on the other side of Austin, being connected by interstate 35 means if it is there, it is probably here too.

Pflugerville ISD has put together 4 mini lessons on the dangers of Fentanyl that students will hear in their social studies classes (or ELA for 11th graders) after spring break.

These lessons/videos are powerful and could save a life. We have provided a copy of the link to all four lessons for you to preview if you would like. Additionally, below is an opt out form if you would like for your child to go to the library or another classroom during these 15-20 minute mini lessons.

February is Black History Month:

February marks the celebration of Black History Month. Our team has created a video presentation highlighting Black History month via songs from our choir and band and a special interview with Paul Webster. Please take a moment to check it out using this link:

PHS 22-23 Black History Month Video.mp4 

Annual Celebration of our Staff Members of the Year:

Please help me congratulate our 2022-23 award winners! It is an honor to receive any of these awards, but to receive one at Pflugerville High School, amongst a veteran and talented staff as we have is remarkable! Congratulations to all of our nominees and each of the winners below:

Congratulations - 22-23 Pflugerville High School Teacher of the Year:

Teacher of the Year:  Michael Putnam

Mr. Putnam cares for not only the students in his class but all students.  He constantly holds tutorials for not only his students but for his former students who have placed their trust in him and his ability to teach all things math.  He has a passion for teaching and a unique way of connecting with his students.   Mr. Putnam is a great teammate in his PLC and is always willing to help and support his fellow teachers. 

Congratulations - 22-23 Pflugerville High School Humanitarian of the Year:

Humanitarian of the Year: Autumn Hendrickson

Autumn Hendrickson has worked tirelessly to help every student find a career path, pass classes, as well as build a solid after-school tutoring center.   She goes to great lengths to motivate our students through enrichment programs and other social and emotional support systems.  The students and staff of Pflugerville High School love and respect her for all of the great work she does.

Congratulations - 22-23 Pflugerville High School Para-Professional of the Year:

Para-Professional of the Year:  Karen Kit

Karen is an absolute joy to work with! She is not only professional in all that she does, but she is kind and takes a moment of each day to check in on you and make sure all is well. She takes the stress out of going into the front office for needs.  Her abilities are unmatched. She is organized, detail-oriented, and professional and we are very lucky to have her on our team. 

Congratulations - 22-23 Pflugerville High School Rookie Teacher of the Year:

Rookie of the Year:  Ann Marie West

Ms. West is amazing. You'd never guess that she is a first year teacher-- she is positive, solution oriented, and cares about her kids' success. In her time at PHS, Ann Marie has made SUCH a positive impact on students, teachers, and parents by going above and beyond to help her students and her community.  She encompasses compassion, mindfulness and patience that is reflected in how her students receive her.   She is a joy to be around and is excellent at motivating students to do more than they think possible. She is an advocate for kids and a real asset to our campus. Ms West is a natural leader that is developing her niche and are lucky to have Ann Marie at PHS.

Congratulations - Years of Service Awards:

Pflugerville High School was well represented at the service awards Wednesday night. PHS is blessed to have the most recipients of any campus, which shows the amazing amount of talent and experience we have here.


Please help me congratulate and thank these folks for their tremendous service.


10 Years

Donna Bartko

Michael Nave

Rebecca Cohen

Emma Payne

Cortney Johnson

Eric Permenter

Jessica Matthews

Lindsay Saylor-Carroll

15 Years

Heike Cook

Jennifer Persons

Sara Dardeau

Donna Rutherford

Crystal Keck

Geminesse Scott

Mason Logerot

Jane Whitlock

Michael Mars


20 Years

Jeffrey Hartman

Daniel Tamez

Jula Levy


25 Years

David Raigosa

Kim Winn

O D Wilson Jr.


35 Years

LaTonya Bush

Karen Hense