Dessau Middle School's 2023 Homecoming Extravaganza!

Dessau Middle School's 2023 Homecoming Extravaganza!

🎉🕹️ Level Up, Diamondbacks! 🕹️🎉

Prepare to power-up for one of the most anticipated weeks at Dessau Middle School - Homecoming Week 2023! This year, we're diving deep into the world of video games, embracing themes that are bound to awaken the gamer spirit in all of us. Ready to start the game? Here's your quest log:

🎸 Monday, 16th - Guitar Hero: Not all heroes wear capes, but on this day, they do! Dive into your favorite comics, movies, or games and suit up as your treasured superhero.

🔄 Tuesday, 17th - Nintendo Switch: Time to hit the reverse button! Sport your favorite attire either backwards or inside out. And don't forget, it's GAME DAY! Our Diamondbacks will face off against Park Crest Middle School in a homecoming football clash. Be there to cheer our team on!

👯 Wednesday, 18th - Multiplayer Match: Everything's better in co-op mode! Coordinate with your best buddy or squad and dress in matching outfits. Let's see those dynamic duos and epic team ensembles!

🕺💃 Thursday, 19th - Dance Dance Revolution: Blast to the past with this theme! Whether you're vibing with the vibrant 80s, swinging with the 60s, or jamming with another era, showcase your favorite decade in style.

🌜 Friday, 20th - Mario Party Night: After a week of leveling up, wind down in your coziest pajamas. Because every good gamer knows, after the action, there's always a party!