Pathways Through Early College High School Program

Pflugerville ISD is currently launching its first PTECH program (Pathways through Early College High School). It is a program designed for our rising 9th graders (current 8th graders) to begin high school and receive their Associates degree at a completely free cost to them in either Computer Programming with a C++ certification or Education with an Educational Aide I certification by the time they graduate from high school.
We have partnered with Austin Community College to provide our students with their dual credit curriculum for both programs. The Computer and Information Technology program (CIT Academy) is being housed at Connally High School and the Pfuture Teachers Academy is being housed at Weiss High School; however, it is open to any rising 9th grader, regardless of where they are districted to attend (students if accepted into the program will have to agree to transfer to Weiss for Pfuture Teachers Academy or Connally for CIT Academy. Transportation IS provided from the student’s home to their PTECH campus and back again). There are no prerequisites for students to apply. Any rising 9th grader in the district is able to be a PTECH student and the only requirement is that they fill out the application and be willing to transfer (transfers are automatically accepted for PTECH students) to the school that houses the PTECH program for which they are participating.
We will be holding a Parent Information Event on March 24th at 6 pm and the RSVP for that is located here: