Method of Instruction Change for 3rd Nine Week

Greetings Pumas,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!

This is simply a quick, yet important message regarding the 3rd Nine Weeks and the opportunity to change your child's Method of Instruction (in person or virtual).

We will ALWAYS allow kiddos to stay/return to remote learning. But anyone interested in returning to in-person learning must do so during the nine weeks windows.

Thus, if you would like to CHANGE your child’s method of instruction (in person vs. remote) please complete this quick form by the deadline of Wednesday, December 9th at 11:59pm.

Change in Method of Instruction Link:

In an attempt to oversimplify I have added examples below as I know these times bring so many questions and families want to make sure they are doing things the way they are meant to be done:

  1. If you want to change from remote to in-person: fill out the form above
  2. If you want to change from in-person to remote: fill out the form above
  3. If you want to stay in person and are currently in person: no action needed
  4. If you want to stay remote and are currently remote: no action needed

*NOTE: since we are doing mirrored instruction, we will NOT need to change teaching assignments, change schedules, or change our format at this transition (so happy to be in that position). However, considerations may be taken if we notice classrooms with larger than normal in person numbers (we will cross that bridge if/when we get there).

**NOTE: All changes in method of instruction will go into effect January 6th, 2021.

***NOTE: After the December 9th deadline, there will be one additional time to change your decision (March 3rd – to change for 4th nine weeks). 


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Most sincerely,

Zack Kleypas
Park Crest Middle School

"Keep improving, always, in all ways."