Cougar News: Aug. 18

Posted by Marcial Guajardo on 8/19/2021

Cougar families,

We want your students  to be successful and we want to provide a great education without distractions.

We will continue to follow the PFISD dress code established in 2016 until further notice.  The school board has not adopted a new dress code policy at this time.  All students will be expected to be in appropriate dress code.

Please refer to the district student handbook and dress code on the district website.

The link is here: PfISD Dress Code: 2021-22

The dress code includes but is not limited to:

  • No hats, bonnets, doo rags
  • No crop top shirts that show your navel. Shirts must touch your belt loops or waist band of your pants. 
  • No Spandex or yoga pants or bandage dresses
  • No sagging
  • No strapless shirts, bralettes, or crop tops
  • Shorts and skirts must meet your mid-thigh.
  • Dress code will be enforced throughout the day.
  • Please do not arrive out of dress code.
  • Dress code is posted on the walls to reduce any confusion.

Thank you for your support as we try to keep our expectations high and help all students gain a great education.