Cougar Update: Sept. 5

Posted by Marcial Guajardo on 9/5/2021 7:00:00 AM

Greetings Cougar Families!

Welcome to a long weekend!

Our first fifteen days have been a bit challenging, but we are positive as we are diving into our learning. We have high expectations for all students and as we are now going on the third week, students should know their schedule and be able to get to class on time.  Some are still adjusting to in-person learning after being at home during remote learning.

Parents, please check Skyward for grades and talk to your student about the learning in their classes.  Our teachers offer morning and afternoon tutorials and we have Advisory period where students are able to ask for help, check grades, get tutoring, and build great relationships with their teacher.  We also offer activities during advisory that will teach social/emotional awareness and understanding.  We feel this is important as we all have felt the traumatic effects of the battle with Covid.  Please encourage your student to take care of business and get their work turned in so they can earn good grades and gain credits necessary for graduation. 

We have made some adjustments to our schedule and have increased our lunches from two to four; and things are running smoothly.  All schools serve free breakfast and lunch, so we encourage everyone to eat.  Increasing to four lunches has helped, and allows students plenty of time to get lunch.

Because we must follow State and Federal guidelines, please do not drop off food for students during lunch.  High schools may not serve or provide access to competitive foods during meal periods in areas where reimbursable meals are served and/or consumed. Therefore, we cannot allow food to be delivered to students during lunch time.

Students should not order through Favor or a delivery service.  We do not have the means to accommodate this, and will not deliver to classrooms.  It also is in violation of the state and federal competitive foods guideline. 

  • Attendance is so important.  Please send an email or note if your student becomes ill and has to be out.
  • COVID safety protocols are still in place.  We are doing our best to keep teachers and students safe by wearing masks and sanitizing regularly.  We encourage you to also remind your students to wash their hands regularly and to use the hand sanitizer available all throughout the building.  Thank you for your support.

On Wednesday, September 8, we will hold a virtual Open House from 6 – 7:30 p.m.  You will be able to learn a bit about your student’s classes and also be able to click into an open zoom link to say hello to the teacher. More information coming.  The teachers will be sending information through students Canvas and via email to you.

Make it a great week and enjoy the Monday Holiday!