Park Crest Middle School Art Students Paint Chairs for Charity

PCMS chair auctionWhen Park Crest Middle School art students learned that Hurricane Ike devastated the homes of teacher Betty Trusty’s family in Bridge City, they wanted to help. An idea to paint something and auction it off, with the proceeds going to Trusty’s family, was promptly hatched.

No ordinary painting would do – the students needed to come up with something special, something that would allow them to express their individuality, but also something that people would actually want to buy. The students quickly decided that a wooden chair would suit their needs.

“The chairs are both functional and artistic,” Park Crest art teacher Mamie Waites said. “Our students are really talented, and I think this project showcases their skills in a fun and unique way.”

The project was quickly taking shape, but the students still faced one more hurdle – where would they find the chairs for the project?

PCMS chairs“IKEA in Round Rock came to the rescue,” Waites said. “Their public relations manager, Cecilia Camp, worked with us and the store donated 75 chairs.”

Students from five art classes took part in the project, working together in small groups over several weeks to complete the chairs under the guidance of Waites and fellow art teacher Leslie Matacio. The students plan to hold a silent auction during the school’s musical, Mulan Junior, on Dec. 5 and 6. The school will also have a booth at the City of Pflugerville’s Third Annual Holiday Stroll and Christmas Parade on Dec. 13.

For more information on purchasing one of these works of art, please contact Mamie Waites at Park Crest Middle School – or 594-2400.