Insurance Committee Meeting Minutes 5/26/2020

Posted by Kristin Baum on 6/1/2020



Meeting Date: May 26, 2020

Meeting Location: Zoom

Recorded By: Kristin Baum

  19 of the 34 Campus/Departments were represented at the meeting.

 The following link outlines the topics discussed below 5-26-2020 Insurance Committee Presentation


  1. 2021 Plan Options – discussed simplifying plan offerings from four plans to three. Will keep the HDHP, low and combine the mid and high plans. HSA contribution will change to an automatic $300 district contribution (currently at $600), then match the employee’s contribution up to an additional $300. (slides 4 -6 ).


  1. iNGAGED App – We will implement the iNGAGED communications app which when downloaded will provide employees with their individual benefit information. The app will also help with open enrollment communication along with any other important information to be communicated (slide 7).


  1. Identity Theft Protection - effective January 2021 we will add identity theft protection through InfoArmour to the voluntary product plan offerings (slides 8 – 9).


  1. FSA Vendor Selection – due to ongoing employee and administrative issues, effective January 2021 the District will change our medical and dependent reimbursement vendor from TASC to Infinisource.