Cele Update: Sept. 29

Posted by Marcial Guajardo on 9/30/2019 7:00:00 AM

Colt Families,

First off – thank you to our PTO for showing some TLC toward our hardworking teachers. They surprised staff by stocking the fridge with Waterloo water and went door-to-door Friday with an afternoon pick-me-up. We are so appreciative of our PTO!

Literacy Night was a hit! We had so many visitors hanging out to enjoy friends and family while celebrating literacy. Our book fair had a tremendous week as well. Over $7,000 in sales means we have many new books in the hands of Colts already, and Ms. Dominguez will be able to purchase many more titles for the Cele Library thanks to your patronage. Reading is fundamental to our core mission of making every student a little smarter each day, and we took a big step toward that goal this past week.

Read on for details of the week ahead! 

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Late Bus now Available

Beginning this week, Cele students once again will have a late bus available to allow more students to participate in tutorials or after school extra-curricular activities. In order to be allowed on the bus, students must have made arrangements with parents and a teacher to stay after school. A teacher will verify that the student was present for the planned activity. Students must know their regularly assigned bus number and their address. Buses will depart school at approximately 5 p.m., and travel time home will depend upon how many stops are required.

Parent Help with Student Safety

This past week, our PfISD Safety Team met to determine how best to address a challenge during events at Cele – namely parking. If EMS is called during one of our events and vehicles are parked in the fire lane, it does impede response time and access when we need it most. I very much appreciate those visitors who have made the extra effort to park vehicles on the grass instead of in the fire lane. Please know that while our fire fighters and police officers do not wish to do so, they must begin issuing citations if we continue to have violations that compromise safety at Cele. I will continue sharing this information through various channels, and I would appreciate it if you could help me spread the word.

Last week I shared that we have students who are walking from the building to the parking lot to meet a ride after school, and we are observing that it is not safe. Students and drivers are not always exercising awareness in our busy parking lot. On Friday I personally stopped two students who were about to walk into the path of a vehicle that was backing up. Students will need to wait at the sidewalk for a parent to drive up or walk up to meet them. 

Finally, we have students who text or call parents to pick them up from school for illness or other reasons without having reported this to a staff member. This has created confusion for parents and adults upon pick-up, and it also presents safety concerns if a student is ill and has not made us aware. Please remind your child his or her phone should remain off and out of sight during the school day and that communication home during the school day should happen in consultation with a staff member.

PSAT Oct. 9

Our eighth grade students will be taking the PSAT on Oct. 9. This test is from College Board, and the idea is to expose students to the format of the PSAT testing. 
The results of the test can be used to indicate Pre-AP and AP courses that may be appropriate for your child in high school. If you have any questions, please contact Stefanie Zook (8th grade counselor) at Stefanie.zook@pfisd.net or Sara Moore (7th grade counselor) at sara.moore@pfisd.net.

UIL Eligibility

The Progress Report sent home last Thursday was the first time this year that student academic performance reports impact eligibility for UIL. Eligibility will be impacted throughout the year, and to better inform parents, here is the link for the UIL Eligibility reporting dates. Please, please, please encourage your child to attend tutorials, check grades and turn in missing assignments, correct tests, and proactively study. We want all of our kiddos to be eligible to participate in the events they love, but we must follow the UIL “no pass, no play” rule without exception.

District Cross Country Meet

Our Colt Cross Country runners compete this Wednesday at the District Championship Meet. Both teams have dominated the competition and we have a good chance of bringing home a first place finish this week at Kelly Lane. Go get ‘em, Colts! All Cele Athletic Schedules linked here.


Monday our seventh grade will take on Dessau Middle School at DMS. On Tuesday, eighth grade will play DMS here at home. Reminder: Tickets are $2 for students and $4 for parents/guests. All Cele Athletic Schedules linked here


This Thursday our seventh grade Lady Colts host Dessau here at Cele, and the eighth grade team will travel to DMS. Reminder: Tickets are $2 for students and $4 for parents/guests. All Cele Athletic Schedules linked here.

Free and Reduced Price Lunch Applications

Did you know that at Cele roughly 40% of our kiddos qualify for free or reduced price lunches? Even if your child previously qualified, applications need to be resubmitted every year. Students have 30 days grandfathered at last year’s status, but it is very important to complete this application soon. Follow this link. Parents, if you are unsure as to whether or not you might qualify, feel free to call (512) 594-0430.


Ben O’Connor
Principal &
Colt Country Champion