College T-Shirt Days and Wellness Wednesdays

October 4, 2017

College T-Shirt Days

With hearts and minds set on higher education, PfISD campuses this school year will be celebrating College T-Shirt Days every Wednesday. We’ll post photos of students and staff, and you can, too!

On Facebook, look for our College T-Shirt Day post each Wednesday and include photos of your student or staff member – in their college shirt or other gear – in the comments section. On Twitter, include the hashtag #TheRoadToCollege with your photo so we can find it.

Together, we’re All In for students!

Wellness Wednesdays

At Ruth Barron Elementary, our mission is to promote quality health awareness with a commitment to improve life-long wellness for our employees and students. We are committed to being good role models for the younger generation. The first Wednesday of every month is WELLNESS WEDNESDAY! Staff and students are encouraged to wear work out attire or a t-shirt representing a wellness activity like a sports team, favorite gym, any type of wellness activity shirt. On Wellness Wednesday, teachers will take a wellness walk outside for a healthy brain break. We believe both our mind and body must be in a positive state to learn and grow as students and individuals.