Advanced required summer reading for students entering grades 6-8

What is the PfISD philosophy behind summer reading?

PfISD encourages all students to read over the summer to:
• help students maintain English Language Arts skills over the summer break
• expose students to quality literature that they might not pick up on their own
• promote independent reading, inquiry and scholarship, which will facilitate students as lifelong learners
All PfISD students are encouraged to read from this list over the summer.
PfISD requires students who are enrolled in Advanced or AP English to read over the summer to:
• allow teachers to begin literary discussions at the level of depth and complexity required in an Advanced Academics course during the first weeks of school
• build a base of literature from which students will draw upon when completing advanced placement assessments
Students in Advanced or AP English classes are required to read their assigned book(s) over the summer and will complete oral and written assignments after the second week of school based on their reading. Students are also expected to annotate or take notes to help them process their reading and prepare for the projects/activities they will complete.
Projects/activities will be assigned by the teacher and discussion over the novels will begin after the second week of school. Students will receive an assessment grade after the second week of school for the work they complete over their chosen summer reading book in order to accommodate transfer students and schedule changes. Any late work or make-up work related to the summer reading book will be completed by the end of the first six weeks.