October - Connally High School

Posted by Marcial Guajardo on 11/19/2015 5:00:00 PM

Pushing for AP 

Editor’s note: The following article is reprinted with permission. It originally appeared in the Oct. 23 edition of the Connally High School newspaper, The Connection.


By Hannah Lovato
The Connection editor in chief


A renewed push for students to take advanced placement classes has focus on molding high-achieving students.

Taking AP courses can boost your GPA, prepare you for college and give you college credit, saving money later on. Many subjects have AP versions such as statistics, biology, psychology and chemistry.

“Some students lack the confidence to believe in their own abilities,” AP chemistry teacher Loreni Kerecman said. “We have a campus full of bright young people that do not recognize their own extraordinary potential.”

Some students do not sign up for an AP classes because they have extracurricular activities and think that it’s too hard.

“They are challenging, but if you try hard and do your work it shouldn’t be a problem,” senior Beatriz Valdez said. “You will spend a lot of time doing homework, but it’s definitely satisfying at the end of the year once the class is over because you were able to push yourself through it.”

Principal Kermit Ward is also pushing for more AP students.

“If there are students in this building that need to be challenged and mentally extended, it is the school’s responsibility to find those students, place them in those classes, and build support for them to rely on when they struggle,” Ward said. “Every student at CHS that has the ability to be college-ready needs the exposure to a rigorous curriculum.”