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Posted by Marcial Guajardo on 5/13/2016 11:00:00 AM

Decision Day

Seniors share college plans

Editor’s note: The following article is reprinted with permission. It originally appeared in the April 29 edition of the Connally High School newspaper, The Connection. 

By Michelle Le
Connection news and sports editor


Applying to college is a long process for many seniors, but waiting for acceptance letters can be an even longer process.

During the spring, many seniors are sent their acceptance letters but deciding on where to go can take a long time. Seniors take into account tuition, campus, location and college environment.

Senior Madeleine Howard and Kyleeil Johnson both auditioned for out-of-state universities for their desired music major.

“I actually felt my Oregon audition was a really good performance,” Howard said, “just because I wasn’t as nervous. It wasn’t my first audition and everything went smoothly.”

Howard was accepted to Loyola University in New Orleans and also the University of Oregon, receiving scholarships from both schools. She chose the University of Oregon.

“I’ve been waiting for my acceptance to the Berklee College of Music. Once that comes soon, I’ll know where I want to go,” Johnson said. “NYU is on the top of my list so I’m hoping I get into the school.”

Vanderbilt has been a dream school for McKenzie Green since her sophomore year. She likes the happy environment of the university in Nashville, Tenn. and the great academic atmosphere. To achieve her dream, Green finished her application early, was involved and kept a close eye on her test scores.

“It’s ranked really high so there’s great academics,” Green said. “I visited it there and all the students there seem really happy with their choice and everything.”

She will major in Human Organization Development and Pre-Law. After Vanderbilt, Green wants to go law school in Texas.

“I‘m considering UT law school because it’s good to go to law school where you want to practice law in and I want to move back to Texas,” Green said.

Tuition is a big factor when applying to colleges. Most students tend to stay in-state since it is less expensive and closer to home. However many colleges do provide financial aid and along with scholarships can be affordable. Vanderbilt comes with a price tag of an estimated $64,280 per year.

“I got a financial grant because most of their scholarships are need based,” Green said. “I (also) got one from the Legal Profession Association of Austin.”

Aside from the campus location and atmosphere, many seniors also consider class sizes. A larger student-to-teacher ratio will mean less time for the teacher to interact with students. Although attending an in-state college is more affordable and convenient, Johnson, Howard and Green considered applying to out-of-state universities for a different setting.

“I’ve been in Austin my whole life so I’ve really wanted to go out and explore,” Johnson said. “There’s more to the world than Austin. I just wanted to get out and see what options there are.”